Formaphil announces its new blog

Why a new blog ?

We want a quality in our site and a quality in our information. We decided to move our blog on the WORDPRESS platform.

Why WordPress ?

We take WordPress by its simplicity and its possibilities.

  • Simple and easy formatting
  • Better integration of photos
  • New post added quickly and from any devices.

  • Comments available for any users

And the old blog 

We will publish new posts only on the new blog.
We will quickly try to retrieve old posts.
Once the maintenance is complete, it will be deleted.
About our Applications ?
Our application has been also updated.
Our default blog has already been configured.
So it‘s invisible to you.
Since the application in “about me” you can find Our Old blogcropped-cropped-2470d0_e337c65e4484451197fb75e9ad9f6011.png