Simple iPhone File Transfer ?

What can It do ?

  • Transferring files directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod’s file system is a great way to expand your device’s functionality: use your iDevice as external storage and, with the right apps, as an all purpose mobile reader. The file transfer features in iMazing offer a simple and efficient way to copy and manage files and folders through a powerful file browser.
  • By design, iTunes does not allow users to take full control of their iOS devices’ storage space. Copying pictures or music to a device requires a complete and often lengthy sync, and copying files to File Sharing enabled apps simply doesn’t support folders, making it impossible to maintain a proper file tree.
  • With iMazing, devices are not tied or limited to a single library as they would be in iTunes. That means that any iPhone or iPad can interact with different computers – either Macs or PC’s. This feature is truly a must: easily share and transfer any documents or media between home and office desktop computers, among colleagues, with friends and family.
  • Devices List shows available or paired Apple mobile devices and displays information such as passcode lock, model, iOS version, battery level, IMEI and Mac Address
  • Wi-Fi On/Off manages wireless connections from iMazing’s main screen
  • Pairing Management clean iMazing’s cache, force iMazing to forget a device
  • Device Backups trigger a full backup in one click
  • Other Options include renaming, restarting, shutting down and wiping the device, exporting configuration details, and checking current Apple Support coverage

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iPhone File Transfer

Access any File Sharing enabled app’s documents folder and transfer files, folders and media to any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

• Use any iOS device as external storage
• Add content to 3rd party media players
• Connect via Wi-Fi or super fast USB
• Connect to multiple devices simultaneously
• Multi threading for simultaneous transfer jobs
• Reach app storage folders
• No jailbreak required
• No iCloud, works through a local connection
• Safe and secure local file transfer

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