IOS 10 What news ?

Apple announces a new version of IOS


Everybody thinks about really new from IOS

  • New Lock screen
  • iPhone turn on when you take it on your hand
  • Notification -> New look
  • 3D Touch more possibilities
  • Control center new look
  • Siri available on several applications (what app )
  • Photos recognize new option
  • Recognition of your situation and face recognition
  • Movie created if you take several pictures in the same place
  • Map new look for this application
  • Apple Music and Itunes new look
  • Application News available with subscriptions
  • Home Kit new possibilities
  • iMessage new look and features
  • Swift Playgrounds (application to created APP with swift)

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I Can advise you to install this beta version only if you have a developper account.

For all, just wait on July for the first beta public

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