IOS 10 Beta 3 available

Apple proposes a new update for IOS 10

It’s night, Apple proposes finally a new update from its IOS beta 10

Capture d’écran 2016-07-18 à 20.30.34App Store

While testing an In-App Purchase in the sandbox with hosted content, the password dialog appears every time the app is brought to the foreground while the download is still in progress.

Apple Pay


 When adding a new payment card to Apple Pay, an incorrect expiration date or security code (CVV) entry will terminate the card provisioning process.

Apple Pencil

Pairing a new Apple Pencil may not work on the Home or Lock screen.


Audio playback may stop if haptic feedback occurs while audio is routed through the internal speaker.

Binary Compatibility

On iPad only, if you’re not logged into iCloud, you may experience hangs creating new documents in Pages.


On some head units, the Now Playing list may show as empty.

You may encounter difficulty triggering Siri via steering wheel controls.


The input and output data for the CIImageProcessor API is now ordered so that the upper-left-most pixel is the first byte in the buffer.


On a newly set up device, Exchange accounts set up via setup assistant may not sync until the device is restarted.


If you are unable to show or listen to a purchased audiobook in your iBooks library after deleting it from a custom collection, force quit and relaunch iBooks or sync with iTunes.

iCloud Backup and Restore

iCloud Restore now supports TestFlight beta apps container restores.


Occasionally, the keyboard may not appear in Settings during Two-Factor Authentication.

Lock Screen

If “Chinese” is selected in Settings > Calendars > Alternate Calendars, the Chinese lunar calendar will display on the lock screen in mixed numerals.


  • When a third party message bubble is selected with the extension in the foreground, willSelectMessage:conversation: and didSelectMessage:conversation: are not triggered.
  • When trying to debug a Messages Extension, wait until the Xcode debug navigator shows “waiting to attach” before launching your extension.
  • Tapping and holding on a sticker does not initiate the Peeling animation.
  • When an extension transitions from Expanded Presentation Style to Compact, it might have an additional offset on the top in the Compact Presentation view.
  • #images is shown in Messages for unsupported locales and fails to load.
  • Accessibility labels set to third party messages are not spoken when VoiceOver is enabled.
  • In some circumstances, Messages extensions download and install but require going into the Manage tab to enable the extension.
  • For devices running in RTL configurations, the photo browser in Messages shows a gray box until users swipe to the right within the browser.


    Apple Music members in China may need to force quit Music to view the app after updating to iOS 10 beta 2.


    Adding an attachment, deleting, or moving notes may cause Notes to quit unexpectedly.