IOS 10 Beta 5 Available

New update from Beta IOS 10

What’s new in this update ?

Apple has released iOS 10 beta 5 for developers to test on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. While Apple won’t release the operating system to the public until next month, the company is releasing regular betas to improve the software. In addition to iOS 10 beta 5, Apple has also pushed watchOS 3 beta 5 to developers.

Fixed in this Release


Devices will no longer panic when using iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case.

App Store

While testing In-App Purchases in the sandbox, the first authentication dialog should no longer appear twice.

Apple TV

When setting up an Apple TV using Tap to Setup on an iOS device, you should be able to proceed beyond the Network Connected screen.

Binary Compatibility

Third party apps are now able to play back Music even if the Music app has been removed.


Some customers using Bluetooth Low Energy-based hearing aids with an iPhone that is also connected to an Apple Watch should no longer hear occasional audio dropouts or skips.


Photo thumbnails in Messages should no longer draw with incorrect zoom, which resulted in gray padding surrounding images.


  • After enabling speaker during a call, subsequent calls will no longer use speaker by default.
  • When making back-to-back Emergency CS 911calls, the Dialer UI no longer displays “911 calling” instead of “911 Emergency call-calling”.


    Pass update banners will no longer fail to show unless previous pass notifications are first cleared from Notification Center.